When To Introduce Music To Your Child?

When to Introduce Music To Your Child?

You’ve Already Begun!

One of the things that surprises and delights most new parents is how awake and aware their infant or young child is. Although they can’t walk or talk like an adult, it is still clear that they are responding to their environment; learning, growing and taking in what is around them. So what is the right time to introduce music…? The answer to that you’ve already begun!

Even while your baby was still in the womb, he or she basked in the beauty of your voice and moved to the rhythm of your heartbeats. So; without knowing it, you’ve probably already opened their world to the wonder and sound of music. Now it’s just a matter of building on that great foundation and exploring more ways that baby, Mom and the whole family can enjoy and share some musical fun.

So, let’s start with the obvious.

Music helps set the pace when you want to get things done and get moving. Your child will easily connect with the beat in the same way they’ve already begun to follow your voice, your tone of voice and your verbal cues. If you sing with them or tap out a rhythm, they will focus on the activity even more and it’s a nice way of drawing their attention to words or rhythms. And don’t feel self-conscious. Not only do you have a captive audience – you have an adoring one. Nothing will ever sound as sweet to a child as the sound of the voice of someone that loves them.

Best of all, music is just amazing when setting a relaxing tone for naptime or bedtime… for both grown-ups and children. Although it isn’t a cure-all, if everything else is in order, a sleepy baby can be lulled to dreamland with just the right combination of sounds as part of a bedtime or naptime ritual. And relaxing music you enjoy can create a quiet oasis for mom or dad – even if you have to get back up and keep going after your child has gone to sleep.

Favorite naptime or sleepytime music? I’ll tell you about some of mine in future blogs. But for now, I’d love to hear what you parents have as favorite quiet time music choices. Please comment, drop me a line and let me know.

Have a great and musical day!


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