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Silly Songs For Singing and Learning in German

Who doesn’t love a silly song?

Watching kids music videos is a great way of learning a new language or encouraging bilingualism in the home.  Here is a silly little monkey song for singing, laughing and learning in German.

Die Affen Rasen Durch Den Wald

(The Monkeys Race Through the Woods)

In this cute little song, the whole group of monkeys are racing through the forest looking for a “stolen” coconut.  Can you guess which “little monkey” has it?

Here are some questions for encouraging learning with this song:
What is the German word for monkey?
What is the the German word for more than one monkey?
What is the word for coconut?
Kokosnuss is a very silly sounding word.  Can you think of any silly sounding words in English or any other language?
Are there any other jungle animals in this video?
Can you name any other wild animals in German?
Can you name any barnyard animals in German?
Can you name any animals that are pets in German?

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