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Color The Musical Instruments – All The Way Around The World!

Coloring Book CoverWho doesn’t love to color? No matter how young or old you area, it’s fun to get out a set of crayons or colored pencils and personalize a perfect page!   And if you can also learn about other cultures in the process, all the better!

We’ve just released this e-book that’s actually a compilation of readers’ favorite musical instrument pages from the WORLD MUSIC WITH DARIA  website. Called “Let’s Color … A World Of Music!” there are 12 pages including common favorites like the guitar as well as more unique instruments such as the balalaika from Russia, the sitar from India or the panpipes (zampoñas) from South America.

erhu coloring pageIn addition to coloring fun, you can also use this book as a creative way to learn about other cultures. For instance, if you listen to any classical or traditional music from China, you’ll probably hear an erhu. In “Let’s Color … A World Of Music!” you can not only see what it looks like but find out what it is made of and how it is played as well.

Exploring the culture of India?  You can learn about a sitar or a two-headed drum from Northern India called a dhol. If you’re taking a virtual trip to the Andes, you can find a miniature guitar made from shell of an armadillo or a special rattle (called chapchas) made from the toenails of sheep or goats.

Best of all, during June and July 2014, you can get your copy free at the link below. And in the meantime, here’s a list of the 12 instruments you can discover and enjoy:

sitar coloring pageBalalaika







Erhu, Guitar, Sitar, Ukulele and Zampoñas.

“Let’s Color … A World Of Music!” From TeachersPayTeachers


This post was originally published in 2014 with a “free E-book offer.  If you’re a teacher or parent on a limited budget and want a free Educator’s copy, please e-mail dariamusic at yahoo dot com.






Musical Fun For Chinese New Year!

dragon dance imageHave you ever celebrated Chinese New Year?  It’s almost half a month long and includes great food, exciting activities, family fun and – of course – music!

Want to learn the most popular Chinese New Year song?   Make your own gong?  Find the animal of your birth year in the Chinese Astrology?  Get a great overview of the celebration?

Take a look at the links below for some wonderful fun that you can use to welcome and enjoy the Year of The Horse!

Chinese New Year Resources

horse gong imageLearn A Chinese New Year Song

Make Your Own Gong  +
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Erhu - Color ImageColor The Erhu – A Chinese Style Violin

15 Chinese New Year Crafts: Preschool through Elementary from Kid World Citizen

Chinese New Year ScrollsThe Excitement of Chinese New Year by Mandarin Language Instructor, Amanda “Miss Panda”

tingsha on white 1Gongs, Handbells and Singing Bowls: Three Great Instruments For Exploring the Culture of China, Tibet, Nepal and Asia

Dragon Dance image (above) is courtesy of atmtx photography.  Check out their blog at: