Online “Storytime” With Mrs. Shauna

Mrs. ShaunaWhat goes great with making music for young children? Reading stories!

And what’s even more fun is a friend of ours who’s created a youtube channel where she reads her favorite stories, complete with props, fun and lots of encouragement for kids. Check out Mrs. Shauna’s channel if you are looking for an online “story time” for your child and take a moment to read more about it’s founder here.

¡Hola! Daria and Friends!

Thank you for having me as your guest!

My name is Shauna Hibbitts creator of, an online comprehensive tool on “Everything Childcare.” I’m a bilingual (English/Spanish) Early Childhood educator that empowers families, and promotes literacy while having a fiesta the entire time!

I recently added a Youtube channel called “Storytime With Mrs. Shauna” series for children, or the young at heart!! Here you see me ready to read “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” by Laura Numeroff.  I share short, funny stories for the entire family to enjoy. Mixing in a few sprinkles of questions, and activities in hopes of creating a wholesome experience for all. There are a few bilingual books on the channel as well. I love to introduce culture and celebrate diversity!

Click over to my Blog, or Youtube Channel and say “Gracias……Have a great day!” You can find me at:

Want a peek into her channel? Here she is reading the book, BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW WORLD as a poem, complete with her pal Ernest and her adorable pup, Mia!


3 Responses to Online “Storytime” With Mrs. Shauna

  1. Thank you so much Daria it was a pleasure!!

  2. My boys and I love following Mrs. Shauna on all of her platforms. I love sharing her amazing stories with my boys (6 and 2) who can’t wait to see what new book Shauna is going to share as well as the craft, and I must say my youngest has a slight obsession with Earnest, lol. Shauna’s channels and books cover everything from silly little books for the little children that focus on literacy to those that resonsnate with older children focusing on our multicultural and diverse world. Such a great asset to our day!

  3. I love Shauna love get story time on Youtube. While there are people out there doing makeup videos and DIY. She is teaching children and reading to them. The modern day Mr. Rogers.

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