Music and Movement Activities For Sharing Asian-Pacific American Heritage

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Some truly beautiful and unique music and movement activities for preschoolers come from the diverse cultures of Asia and the Pacific. Here are some really easy projects you can create to explore both the music and the culture of this region.

a smaller pie-tin gongMake Your Own Gong

Gongs can be found throughout Asia. Although they vary in shape, size, materials and design, they play an important role in almost every aspect of daily life from the mundane – calling people to rest or eat – to the most solemn and serious ceremonies or religious rituals.

MYO Gong From TPT

MYO Gong From DARIA’s Website

tingsha on white 1Tinghsa Handbells

These handbells date back to ancient times and play an important role in meditation as well as Buddhist ceremonies. You can make a craft version at home with recycled materials and learn a bit more about their background here.

MYO Tingsha Handbells From TPT

MYO Tingsha Handbells From DARIA’s Website

josef rocks out`Ili`ile – Musical River Rocks

Can you imagine playing a beat with river rocks? In one type of hula, these special smooth stones being part of the percussion used by the dancers as they move. Read about this beautiful Hawaiian tradition as well as ways you can explore this natural instrument with your kids at home here:

Kuma Rachel Teaches How To Play River Rocks

Make Your Own Pu’ili Rhythm Sticks

Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures had created these truly unique rhythm sticks. Made of lengths of bamboo, they have cuts (slits) on one end that rattle when played. Not only is it incredibly simple to make your own pu’ile at home, but you can use them to develop motor skills or try out some of the coordinated movements that are part of this intricate hula tradition.

MYO Pu’ili Rhythm Sticks From TPT – Craft PDF

Pu’ili Rhythm Sticks Post

Watch a Pu’ili Demonstration

Color or Play A Ukulele

This small instrument is a big part of Hawaiian music. And it’s size and simplicity make it a great first instrument for any child. Color your own lovely uke or check out why this might make a great stringed instrument for your child here:

Ukulele Coloring Page

conch shell trumpetConch Shell Trumpet

Everyone loves a beautiful seashell – but did you know that a few simple modifications can turn one into an impressive natural trumpet? And, seriously – they are loud and awe-inspiring!

Although this post is about how the conch trumpet was used in Aztec times, the same shell horn is seen in various Asian-Pacific cultures such as Tibetan, Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures as well as pictured in drawings of ancient Korean court ceremonies.

Conch Trumpet Post

Creating and Blowing A Conch Shell Trumpet

A Tibetan Conch Trumpet Being Played

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