Making Music With Blind & Disabled Babies and Toddlers With WonderBaby.Org.

Over the past few years, I’ve been really proud to work together with to add some fun musical resources to their great site.  Recently merged with Perkins School for the Blind, is an incredibly helpful website packed with resources for parents whose infant or toddler may be facing a variety of health challenges including vision problems or other developmental issues.  If this description fits your family or someone you know, music may be a wonderful tool to soothe, relax. heal, and create a deeper connection for both the baby or toddler and the rest of the family as well.

Some of the articles published so far show how to make an “ocean drum” that mimics the calming sound of the seaside surf.  There are easy instructions for recycled rattles, jingle bells, a box drum, a Chinese style gong, a little “cajita” box and much more.  All of these simple, musical activities provide great ways for both parents and children to use music as an aid for relaxation or sleeping or as a tool for self expression, sharing enthusiasm or just plain getting silly!  All of which is incredibly healthy for body, mind and spirit!

A complete list of musical articles currently in WONDERBABY and their links are listed below:

When is the right time to introduce your infant or young child to music?

Using Music To Connect The Generations


Do you have a WonderBaby?  If so, take the time to explore this great site.  You’ll find reviews, resources, questions/answers, give-aways, unique toys, articles on play, music articles as well as a genuine sense of community.

Visit WonderBaby at:


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